We have lots of ways you can get involved in the Cambridgeshire Summer Run, from being a Tour Maker, fundraising for the local charity or even providing fun or entertaining performances around the route to help boost the atmosphere for everyone taking part.


The Cambridgeshire Summer Run is a great platform to raise money for a charity close to your heart or even for a local cause, such as repairs to the local church, build or enhance a children’s play area or to develop the school facilities.

We would love to know you thoughts and ideas, as well as help promote your fundraising ideas. Get in touch at enquiries@cambridgeshiresummerrun.com.

Event Entertainment

We are looking for volunteer choirs, bands, singers, buskers, street entertainers or any other entertainment to help enhance the atmosphere for not just the runners, but also all spectators. We really hope that you’re able by being a part of what will be a fun and entertaining day.

We’d love to hear from you, whether you’d like to be involved or even if you have an idea of how we can add entertainment to the event. Get in touch at enquiries@cambridgeshiresummerrun.com.