We are very pleased and excited to announce our very special partnership with the Big Plastic Pledge.

We were inspired by the Big Plastic Pledge’s foundation and story. BPP was found by Hannah Mills, an Olympic gold and silver medallist, a sailor and an IOC sustainability ambassador, who first hand saw the devastating effect plastic pollution was causing.

“Sailing has taken me all over the world and for almost 2 decades I have noticed plastic in the oceans, mainly when it gets stuck under our boat and stops us dead in our tracks. But it didn’t resonate with me how bad the problem was getting until the Rio 2016 Olympic cycle.

I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of plastic pollution on our oceans and planet. Every beach, marina and coastal area we visited during that 4 year period was affected and damaged beyond belief.

So much of it was single use plastic. It was something I couldn’t ignore anymore, I had to act. And so, over the past few years I have set about, along with my team mate Eilidh Mcintyre, trying to reduce the single use plastic from our Olympic campaign.”

We, as Event Organisers and sportsmen and women, want to help save the planet by eliminating single use plastics and encouraging as many people as possible to change the their habits. The actions you take matter.

If a whole sporting community change their habits and shouts loudly, then we are flying! We can create a tidal wave of change that will be felt on every corner of the globe.

What we’re pledging for 2021

We’re looking to be the most sustainable event in the World and working in partnership with the Big Plastic Pledge, we know we can.

We’re making lots of changes and implementing new ideas for 2020. These include:

  • Eliminating single-use plastic bottles
  • Using water bowsers to distribute water
  • Having big recycling centres available and managed at the Event HQ and Pit Stops, which is then recycled correctly
  • Have extra litter stops available out on the route
  • Ensure no Pit Stop food is distributed in any packaging
  • Working with exhibitors to ensure no plastic is given to the consumer in any way
  • All food and drink concessions to use non-plastic or compostable cartons and cups
  • All staff, volunteers, officials to use multi-use drinks bottles and mugs for hot drinks
  • Working with local communities and participants to raise awareness of the issues of plastic consumption and sharing ideas on alternative ways to reduce your impact.  Start by taking your own #bigplasticpledge

How can you get involved?

We’d love for you to be involved in helping making the World more sustainable and eliminating the amount of waste we produce.

Why not make your pledge to help make a difference?

By taking the Pledge TODAY you join Olympians, elite athletes, sports fans, fund runners and other individuals who have been touched by sport in some way. We’re all on a mission together.